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Weight 316lb 298.7lb
BMI 49.6% 45.3%
Body Fat 56% 50.9%
Neck 20.5" 20.5"
Chest 54.75" 54.75"
Stomach 58" 58"
Waist 49.25" 49.25"
Hips 52.25" 52.25"
Thigh 27.25" 27.25"
Bicep 14.75" 14.75"
Calves 19.25" 19.25"





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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Good evening,

Is there anyone out there? are any of you folks taking a peep at my site still? No?
I don't blame you, I have totally lost the plot as far as dieting, exercise & keeping
my site up to date (sorry)
However, I do intend to overhaul the site as I think it needs the homepage to explain
how it all got started + I would like to add one or two more features if poss, need to speak to Dave the Dietmeister about all this,
See you all again soon (hopefully)

Night night,
Kev - Wollybully.