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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hi folks,
How are you all? well I hope, didn't get to 'weigh in' this week (sorry) so I don't know if I am still progressing in the right direction yet? One good thing is that I think I am gradually starting to stop obsessing about food so much on a daily basis, does that make any sense? Wot it feels like to me is that I am becoming more content with 'me' and subsequently I am turning less to food as a way of comforting myself when I feel low and empty inside (spiritually, not physically I mean)
Although I know I haven't got to grips with any focused diet or 'weight-loss' and
exercise programme to really kick start my sponsored slim, I musn't lose sight of the fact that I have LOST WEIGHT this year, I am eating healthier food and I do think there is a connection here to how this is making me feel, my daily motivation levels and overall sense of 'well-being'
I have just read this back and wonder if I am making any sense at all or just talking a load of crap? I do hope not, wot do you guys n girls think?
See you all again soon,
ttfn, Kev. WB

Monday, May 09, 2005

Hi de hi folks,

sorry I haven't posted for a while, not been on a the pc it feels like for ages. Good news though, had a full body measure on Sunday & have lost 2 1/2 inches in total & had the fortnightly weigh in today & have lost another 2.2lb or 1kilo in new money aswell. Am trying to set myself mini targets that hopefully I can achieve, my next one being to get under the 21st barrier, I wonder if I can do it this week??
YES I here you all say, of course you can, thanks in advance for all your support.
I will try to post more frequently now to let you know how my days are going.

Speak to you all again soon,

ttfn, Kev (WoollyBully)