The £100lb Challenge
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Weight 316lb 298.7lb
BMI 49.6% 45.3%
Body Fat 56% 50.9%
Neck 20.5" 20.5"
Chest 54.75" 54.75"
Stomach 58" 58"
Waist 49.25" 49.25"
Hips 52.25" 52.25"
Thigh 27.25" 27.25"
Bicep 14.75" 14.75"
Calves 19.25" 19.25"





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Sunday, January 30, 2005

At last, all the vital statistics have been taken and posted in the chart on the left. Next job is to see if I can create a visual of bodyshape. Don't hold your breath.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Well the challenge has started. To be fair, the condemned man ate a hearty breakfast at McDonalds and then visited SENSE Eastern Offices. Pictures should be appearing over at here .

Now that the challenge is underway there should be regular updates here both from Kevin and myself. Please keep coming back to check on progress and send messages of support. A great deal of willpower is going to be required and anything that bolsters that will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

For those with an interest in how this is being done, the weight loss will be achieved through a standard low-fat diet. I am using the term diet in it's original meaning as oppose to a "get slim quick" scheme. Because of the amount to be lost it is more a lifestyle change than anything else. Intake will be set at 45g fat per day with a ratio of under 33.3% of calories coming from the fat intake. Because of the amount of weight to be lost in addition to the normal daily fat intake we will not be panicking as initially we have allowed a 10 gram slippage if it's needed.
Exercise will be modest at first but over the months the exercise will increase as weight loss due to fat intake slows down. This hopefully, after the first few weeks when there will be a marked decrease in weight, (we hope!), will result in a 2lb per week loss. We are, for guidance and general structure, basing things on Granada TVs "GOOD MORNING - FAT BUSTERS diet.

Welcome to the £100lb Challenge!
In the 1960s President Kennedy challenged NASA to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade, in the 80s Bob Geldoff challenged people to "Feed The World". Now, in the new Millenium comes a new challenge. The £100lb Challenge.
Here's the deal. Kevin Bull, aka The Big Blob, is going to lose 100lbs (7 stone 2lb, or approx 45.4kg) from his ample frame. As an extra piece of motivation he is trying to raise sponsorship so that he raises £100 for every pound weight he loses. If he manages both parts of the challenge then that would be £10,000.00 to the charity he has chosen to support, SENSE.
The beauty of losing 100lbs is that it makes the sponsorship easy. 1p per lb sponsored will raise £1.00, 5p = £5.00 etc.
This weblog will have entries posted either by Kevin himself, assuming he has the strength to type, or by me, The Dietmeister. Please feel free to leave comments of support, ask questions or squeal on him if you spot him in McDonalds!
New features will be added as and when, such as photos of the challenge appearing HERE.
If you would like to sponsor Kevin you can e-mail him at or click on the link to the left if there is one. (That's one of the features coming soon!)
Oh yes, the challenge starts on Tuesday 25th January 2005. How long will it take? No idea, probably about a year, but in the end this is about losing weight and raising money, not having a race. But the sooner he loses it the sooner the charities get their money, so no point in hanging about.
Right, let's get on with it then!