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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Good evening,

Is there anyone out there? are any of you folks taking a peep at my site still? No?
I don't blame you, I have totally lost the plot as far as dieting, exercise & keeping
my site up to date (sorry)
However, I do intend to overhaul the site as I think it needs the homepage to explain
how it all got started + I would like to add one or two more features if poss, need to speak to Dave the Dietmeister about all this,
See you all again soon (hopefully)

Night night,
Kev - Wollybully.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hi folks,
How are you all? well I hope, didn't get to 'weigh in' this week (sorry) so I don't know if I am still progressing in the right direction yet? One good thing is that I think I am gradually starting to stop obsessing about food so much on a daily basis, does that make any sense? Wot it feels like to me is that I am becoming more content with 'me' and subsequently I am turning less to food as a way of comforting myself when I feel low and empty inside (spiritually, not physically I mean)
Although I know I haven't got to grips with any focused diet or 'weight-loss' and
exercise programme to really kick start my sponsored slim, I musn't lose sight of the fact that I have LOST WEIGHT this year, I am eating healthier food and I do think there is a connection here to how this is making me feel, my daily motivation levels and overall sense of 'well-being'
I have just read this back and wonder if I am making any sense at all or just talking a load of crap? I do hope not, wot do you guys n girls think?
See you all again soon,
ttfn, Kev. WB

Monday, May 09, 2005

Hi de hi folks,

sorry I haven't posted for a while, not been on a the pc it feels like for ages. Good news though, had a full body measure on Sunday & have lost 2 1/2 inches in total & had the fortnightly weigh in today & have lost another 2.2lb or 1kilo in new money aswell. Am trying to set myself mini targets that hopefully I can achieve, my next one being to get under the 21st barrier, I wonder if I can do it this week??
YES I here you all say, of course you can, thanks in advance for all your support.
I will try to post more frequently now to let you know how my days are going.

Speak to you all again soon,

ttfn, Kev (WoollyBully)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What a fortnight!

Bang on 7lbs lost which means Kev is now under the 300lb mark and determined not to slip back over. Another 5lbs gone and he'll drop below 21st. and only 1% of body fat to shed to mean he's more than 50% Kev and under 50% fat. Not only that, but he's now just over a sixth of the way to target.

Now may be a good time to re-measure the body so stats should be updated in the next couple of days.

Well done Kev, keep going!

Dave the Dietmeister

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Good Day Friends,
I hope all is well out in Slimmer land. I am trying to save enough money to buy myself a ticket to travel there, one way will do please, I have no desire to come back to Fatty land, I've been there for years & it's not all it is cracked up to be!
Most of the people there I will say are lovely but none of them fancy me, so I want to try & chat up a few of those lovely ladies in Slimmer land, although it may take me some time I am going to give it a good try.

Take care all
Luv Kev x

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates but I never seem to be in the vicinity of the internetwebthingy. To update, Kev has discovered a new and unique biological ocurrence. He had is hair cut and put on a smidge over 5 pounds. He's decided not to have his hair cut again. He would be in the dog house about it but I wouldn't put it past him to try and eat the dog.

Actually if either of us should be in the dog house it should be me for not being stricter on him, anyway, things have gone better this last week so we might look forward to more positive news next time.

Weigh-ins are going to be done fortnightly as often we can't make the same day each wek which means there's not always a good enough gap to make it worthwhile. A day either way on a fortnight is neither here nor there.

Dave the Dietmeister

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Had this as a comment back in Feb, meant it as a post so here we go again.
Although it is fair to say it has been a slow start from me & a bit of an 'up & down one' as far as the weight loss goes, I always knew this would be a massive personal challenge for me to undertake.
At this still relatively early stage I feel a bit like a runner at the beginning of a marathon, not a 'sprint' or 100yd dash, a 1st time full marathon, where the finishing line is not only way out of site but you are not really sure if you are even going to make it? I know that sounds a bit negative & I really don't mean it to be, but it is how I honestly feel despite a healthy loss this last week or so.
Also, at this early stage, I would like to say 'thank you' to a few people. Firstly to David, my Dietmeister who not only set all this site up for me (thanks buddie)has also been my Chauffer for the last 15 months & took me to arrange all that was necessary with SENSE EAST nr Peterborough, my chosen CHARITY. Secondly, Karen (TucanKaz) my lovely Sister who I can always rely on for support, who more than most has understood what the last 4 years has been like for me. Both my Mum & Dad, who said nothing would give them more pleasure than to see me slimmer before their bones get any older! My Step Sister Carol & Brother in law Tony, who despite yours truly failing this challenge some 12 years & seven stone ago, still welcomed my decision with open arms, they couldn't get them around me but they were open! Obviously, not to forget my dear Neice Paula, who has been in the care of SENSE EAST for many years now & is the inspiration for me to undergo this 100lb torture, I mean Challenge!!
I would lastly like to say 'thank you' to all the clan at WLR, who my Sister Kaz introduced me to. Already, one of the kind members has pledged me 15p for every lb that I lose, plus they are a constant support & wealth of information, as they are slowly but gradually beginning to educate me.
That's it, on with the show, looking forward to hearing from lots more of you as the word spreads & I of course start getting those sponsor forms out to you all.
Take care,
ttfn Kev alias WoollyBully.